Local Communities

Near By d’ Bay Cabins, Port Blandford

While staying at By d’ Bay you may travel west on the Kittiwake Trail to communities such as Glovertown, Traytown, Eastport, Sandy Cove, Happy Adventure, Salvage, Burnside & St. Chads.

Sandy Cove

The beaches of Eastport & Sandy Cove are beautiful soft sandy beaches, while at the most picturesque fishing village of Salvage local cuisine such as crab sandwiches are available. At Burnside you can get the ferry to what is now the only inhabited island in Bonavista Bay.

Bonavista Bay

If you travel east of By d’ Bay you will find yourself on the Discovery Trail. You will pass communities such as Trinity, Elliston, Bonavista & Tickle Cove, just to name a few. In Trinity you’ll find the famous Rising Tide Theatre with dinner theaters, outdoor walking theaters and more. Elliston is the home of the root cellars (know as the root cellar capital of the world) and Bonavista is the landing place of John Cabot. There you will find the replica of the Matthew and many historic buildings & lighthouse. While in Tickle Cove visit the ‘’Arch Rock’’ in the cliffs. Find the hidden cachet case with its treasures inside. Tickle Cove was the locations for the 1980’s movie ‘’Bayo’’.

Skerwink Trail

The Ryan Premises National Historic Site is located in Bonavista. For more than 500 years the fishery has influenced settlement, culture and economic development on Canada’s east coast. Explore the Ryan Premises and learn about the east coast fisheries.

New Bonaventure, Trinity

New Bonaventure, a little past Trinity is the location for the ‘’Random Passage’’ film set. A representation of a Newfoundland fishing settlement, c 1800, including houses, church, school, vegetable garden and salt fish making. Guides tours available. Site passes, merchandise & home cooked meals available at the one-room schoolhouse and tearoom at entrance of site.

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